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TIME: 35 Min. Chemistry-XI (2022) TOTAL MARKS: 25
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Q1. Choose the correct option. (9 x 1 = 9) - Estimated Time: 9 Min.

1. Drying agent used in crystallization is:
P2O5(B) Animal charcoal (C) KMnO4(D) Water

2. Insoluble particles can be separated from liquid by:
Sublimation (B) Solvent extraction (C) Crystallization (D) Filtration

3. During paper chromatography, the stationary phase is:
Solid (B) Liquid (C) Gas (D) Plasma

4. In ......... technique a solute distribute between two immiscible liquids.
Crystallization (B) Solvent extraction (C) Filtration (D) Distillation

5. The drying agents used in desiccator is:
BeCl2(B) MgCl2(C) CaCl2(D) SrCl2

6. The drying agent is used in a desiccator.
AgCl (B) NH4Cl (C) P2O5(D) AlCl3

7. Gooch crucible is made of:
Glass (B) Paper (C) Teflon (D) Porcelain

8. Which one is not example of sublimate?
Ammonium chloride (B) Iodine (C) NaCl (D) Benzoic acid

9. Compound having small value of K (distribution coefficient) mostly remains in:
Stationary phase (B) Mobile phase (C) Chromatographic tank (D) Solvent

Q2. Answer the following Short Questions. (Attempt: 8) [8 x 2 = 16]

i. Define chromatography. Give formula of distribution coefficient.
ii. What is sublimation? Give examples of substances which show sublimation.
iii. Write down the uses of chromatography.
iv. Define solvent extraction and partition law.
v. What is crystallization? Write the name of its various steps.
vi. How the crystals are dried in vacuum desiccator?
vii. Define filtration and crystallization.
viii. Mention the major steps involved in crystallization.
ix. Mention only steps involved in complete quantitative determination.
x. Name the various experimental techniques which are used for purification of substances.

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