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TIME: 30 Min. Biology XI (2022) TOTAL MARKS: 25
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Q1. Choose the correct option. (13 x 1 = 13) - Estimated Time: 13 Min.

1. Blood is not involved in transport of gas in:
Fish (B) Insects (C) Frog (D) Man

2. Why hemoglobin is 98% saturated, the oxygen content per 100ml of blood is:
19.6ml (B) 18.6ml (C) 17.6ml (D) 16.6ml

3. In the lungs of birds tiny thin walled ducts for constant ventilation are called:
Gill rakes (B) Parabronchi (C) Larynx (D) Pharynx

4. Asthma is associated with severe paroxysm of difficult:
Sleeping (B) Speaking (C) Walking (D) Breathing

5. How much air can lungs hold when they are fully inflated?
5 liters (B) 4 liters (C) 4.5 liters (D) 3.5 liters

6. Oxygen content of fresh air are:
200 ml / litre (B) 100 ml / litre (C) 10 ml / litre (D) 150 ml / litre

7. The diameter of bronchiole is:
3 mm (B) 2 mm (C) 1 mm (D) 0.1 mm

8. The respiratory organs in fish are:
Lungs (B) Air scas (C) Gills (D) Trancheae

9. Exhaled air contain CO2:
0.04% (B) 4% (C) .4% (D) 5%

10. Respiratory activity which occurs in plants during day time is called:
Respiration (B) Transpiration (C) Photorespiration (D) Cutaneous respiration

11. Plasma proteins carry about % CO2 from body fluids to lungs:
1% (B) 2% (C) 4% (D) 5%

12. Number of spiracles in cockroach is:
10 (B) 10 pairs (C) 08 pairs (D) 06 pairs

13. Rubisco is the most abundant protein in:
Golgi bodies (B) Mitochondria (C) Chloroplast (D) Nucleoli

Q2. Answer the following Short Questions. (Attempt: 6) [6 x 2 = 12]

i. How exchange of gases take place in hydra?
ii. What are guard cells? Give their functions.
iii. Define Parabronchi and Bronchioles.
iv. What is difference between glottis and epiglottis?
v. Differentiate between haemoglobin and oxyhaemoglobin.
vi. What is biological oxidation?
vii. Define Tuberculosis. Give its symptoms.
viii. In hot and dry seasons, level of O2 rises inside the leaf. Give its reasons.

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