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TIME: 30 Min. Biology XI (2022) TOTAL MARKS: 25
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Q1. Choose the correct option. (13 x 1 = 13) - Estimated Time: 13 Min.

1. The animals without a body cavity are called:
Eumetazoa (B) Pseudocoelom (C) Coelomate (D) Acoelomata

2. Neresis belong to phylum:
Nematode (B) Annelida (C) Arthropoda (D) Mollusca

3. The inner layer of most sponges is called:
Pinacoderm (B) Choanoderm (C) Endoderm (D) Epiderm

4. Blastocoel persists throughout the life in:
Porifera (B) Cnidaria (C) Annelida (D) Nematode

5. Number of legs in arachnids is:
2 (B) 4 (C) 6 (D) 8

6. Garden snail belongs to class:
Gastropoda (B) Cephalopoda (C) Pelecypoda (D) Drthropoda

7. Mammals have evolved reptilian ancestor:
Archeopteryx (B) Cotylosaurs (C) Crocodile (D) Tuatra

8. Which one does not belong to sub class Eutheria:
Bat (B) Mice (C) Kangroo (D) Dolphin

9. Trypanosoma causes the diseases:
Malaria (B) Sleeping (C) Sickness (D) None of these

10. Polymorphism is a characteristic of members of phylum:
Porifera (B) Cnidaria (C) Annelida (D) Arthropoda

11. A free swimming trocheophore larva is produced during life cycle of:
Coelenterate (B) Porifera (C) Annelida (D) Arthopoda

12. Nephridia are excretory structure of:
Sponges (B) Annelida (C) Arthropods (D) None of these

13. Voice organs of birds:
Larynx (B) Pharynx (C) Syrinx (D) Vocal cords

Q2. Answer the following Short Questions. (Attempt: 6) [6 x 2 = 12]

i. Write the two members of Platyhelminthes.
ii. Differentiate between schizocoelous and enterocoleous coelom.
iii. What are coral reefs?
iv. How Ostia differ from Osculum?
v. How is the spiral Cleavage different from Radial Cleavage.
vi. What is coelom?
vii. Differentiate between gastropods and cephalopods.
viii. Give any for characateristics of reptilian?

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