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TIME: 30 Min. Biology XI (2022) TOTAL MARKS: 25
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Q1. Choose the correct option. (13 x 1 = 13) - Estimated Time: 13 Min.

1. Enzymes involved in respiration, are found in:
Chloroplasts (B) Ribosome (C) Mitochondria (D) Nucleus

2. The enzyme with optimum pH = 7.60 is:
Arginase (B) Enterokinase (C) Catalase (D) Sucrose

3. For enzymes of human body ......... 0C is the optimum temperature.
27 (B) 17 (C) 37 (D) 47

4. The optimum pH of Chymotrypsin is:
7.00-8.00 (B) 6.00-7.00 (C) 5.00-6.00 (D) 4.00-5.00

5. The optimum pH of pancreatic lipase is:
6.0 (B) 7.0 (C) 8.0 (D) 9.0

6. If the amount of enzyme is increased by two fold the reaction rate is:
Same (B) Doubled (C) Four fold (D) Three fold

7. In respiratory chain NADH is oxidized by?
Co-factor (B) Co-enzyme (C) Cytochrome “b” (D) Cytochrome “c”

8. The catalytic activity restricted to a small portion of the enzyme, known as:
Active site (B) Catalytic site (C) Binding site (D) Reacting site

9. The vitamins are essential raw material for the synthesis of:
Activators (B) Co-factors (C) Co-enzymes (D) Prosthetic group

10. Reversible inhibitors form weak likages with the:
Enzyme (B) reactant (C) Product (D) Substrate

11. Optimum pH for proper functioning of pepsin is:
4.00 (B) 4.50 (C) 5.50 (D) 2.00

12. The optimum pH of catalase is:
2.50 (B) 4.60 (C) 5.70 (D) 7.60

13. An enzyme with its co-enzyme or prosthetic group removed is designated as:
Holenzyme (B) Apoenyme (C) Co-enzyme (D) Activator

Q2. Answer the following Short Questions. (Attempt: 6) [6 x 2 = 12]

i. Compare pepsin with pepsinogen?
ii. What are co-factor and activator of enzyme?
iii. Define koshland model of enzyme action?
iv. Give role and examples of enzyme activator?
v. Define activators. Give examples?
vi. Differentiate between competitive and non-competitive inhibitors?
vii. Why some enzymes are produced in the inactive form? Give example.
viii. What is an apoenzyme?

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