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TIME: 30 Min. Biology XI (2022) TOTAL MARKS: 25
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Q1. Choose the correct option. (13 x 1 = 13) - Estimated Time: 13 Min.

1. The classification of algae into phyla is largely based in the composition of:
Cell wall (B) Cell membrane (C) Cytoplasm (D) Pigments

2. Sleeping sickness is spread by:
Tse-Tse fly (B) Trypanosoma (C) Mosquito (D) Plasmodium

3. Pleomyxa palustris is:
Bacterium (B) Amoeba (C) Ciliate (D) Zooflagellate

4. The causative agent of African sleeping sickness is:
Tse-Tse fly (B) Mosquito (C) Trypanosoma (D) Trichonymphas

5. The sexual process is exhibited by most ciliates by:
Binary fission (B) Conjugation (C) Budding (D) Fertilization

6. Apicomplexans move by:
Tube feet (B) Cilia (C) Flexing (D) Pseudopodia

7. The feeding stage of slime mold is called:
Mycelium (B) Pseudopodium (C) Hyphae (D) Plasmodium

8. Which are the major producers in aquatic ecosystem?
Green algae (B) Diatoms (C) Euglenoids (D) Red algae

9. Which is not included in chlorophyta?
Chlorella (B) Pinnularia (C) Spirogyra (D) Acetabularia

10. John Hogg proposed the kingdom:
Monera (B) Fungi (C) Algae (D) Protoctista

11. Phytophthora infestans belongs to the group:
Myxomycota (B) Oomycotes (C) Euglenoids (D) Rhydophyta

12. Actinopods with glassy shells are:
Rotifers (B) Radiolarians (C) Diatoms (D) Forams

13. Amoeba dysentery in:
Amoeba (B) Entamoeba histolytica (C) Trypanosome (D) Plasmodium

Q2. Answer the Following Short Questions. (Attempt: 6) [6 x 2 = 12]

i. How are foraminiferans source of lime stone?
ii. What is trypanosome? What disease does it cause?
iii. Compare forms and locomotion of zooflagellates and ciliates.
iv. Define enzymes?
v. Differentiate between prosthetic group and coenzyme?
vi. Differentiate between Co-factor and Co-enzyme?
vii. Brown algae included the giants of the protists kingdom, why?
viii. Write the two characteristics of zooflagellates?

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