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TIME: 35 Min. Physics-XI (2022) TOTAL MARKS: 25
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Q1. Choose the correct option. (9 x 1 = 9) - Estimated Time: 9 Min.

1. The sum of three numbers, 2.7543, 4.10 and 1.273, up-to correct decimal place is:
8.12 (B) 8.13 (C) 8.1273 (D) 8.127

2. The SI unit of solid angle is:
Steradian (B) Radian (C) Degree (D) Revolution

3. The absolute uncertainty for vernier callipers of L.C = 0.01cm is:
0.1mm (B) 0.001 m (C) 0.001cm (D) 0.001mm

4. Error in the measurement of radius of sphere is 1%. The error in the calculated value of its volume is:
7% (B) 5% (C) 3% (D) 1%

5. One femto is equal to:
10-12(B) 10-13(C) 10-14(D) 10-15

6. Work has the same dimensional formulas as:
Torque (B) Momentum (C) Force (D) Angular acceleration

7. By Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2, the energy for mass 2 kg is equal to:
3x108 joule (B) 9x1016 joule (C) 4x1016 joule (D) 18x1016 joule

8. One peta is equal to:
1016(B) 1015(C) 1012(D) 109

9. Significant figures in 0.4060 are:
2 (B) 4 (C) 5 (D) 6

Q2. Answer the following Short Questions. (Attempt: 8) [8 x 2 = 16]

i. Show that the expression vf = vi + at is dimensionally correct.
ii. Write down the two uses of dimension analysis.
iii.  Check the correctness of the relation v = sqrt {frac{{F 	imes l}}{m}}, where v is the speed of transverse wave on a stretched string of tension F, length l and mass m.
iv. What is the difference between precise and accurate measurement?
v. Differentiate between base units and derived units.
vi. What rules are of rounded off the significant figure?
vii. Give the draw backs if time period of simple pendulum is used as time standard.
viii. Write down the dimensions of viscosity and angular velocity.
ix. How you can find uncertainly in a timing experiment?
x. Add the following masses given in kg up to appropriate precision. 2,189, 0.089, 11.8 and 5.32.

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